My Hollywood Adventure!

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here is my cast!
the cast
this guy is a REAL hillbilly.
we paid him in moonshine and "tabaccee"
Hillbilly Tony
the action scenes where intense! I do all my own stunts!
stunt work
I was genuinely scared for my life here! wouldn't you be???
chase 2
afraid (not acting)
chase 3
after the desert we headed into the mountains
and I trimmed off the rest of my beard.
I was sad to see it go...but the film required it!
river posing

after all, what would take a normal man a year to grow
only took me a couple months!!! haha!

for some reason the producers couldn't get a real bigfoot for the shoot.
I mean, if they'd done there homework -
they'd know I was the ultimate BIGFOOT trapper!!!
monster POV
Monster strangles
John, Matt, and Luke FIGHT!
well that's enough of me talking - time to show you the goods!!!
check it out in highly-defined video too!

Wanna see more pics from our shoot?
Click here to view 'em!!!

divbar.GIF - 387 Bytes