My Alaskan Adventure Takes a Turn!

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last time you may remember I saw a polar bear on the pack ice

I didnt even have my hatchet (thanks to Obama Bin Laden, remember NYC!!!)

but when I saw an Eskimo mother and baby being threatened by the killer bear, I knew I had to act!!!

I ran out on the ice to defend the woman and I fought the off the monster with my bear hands!

Suddenly the ice broke!

Oh no! We were drifting off to see!

But I couldn't let the bear best me!!

We fought long and hard, he even knocked me in the water
(and wrecked my digital camera - so I had my friend draw these)

eventually I had the devil-bear by the neck and I TORE OUT his jugular!!!

He died a quick and honorable death.

But now I was stuck on the ice!!!

Stranded on the Ice, What will happend to me!?!
Click here to see it!!

divbar.GIF - 387 Bytes