My Hollywood Adventure!

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My latest adventure is a little different.
a major motion picture coming soon!

it all started when HOLLYWOOD came knocking...
needless to say, I answered their call!!!
they'd seen theCoca-Cola ad I filmed in Chile.

They told me I had "it" (whatever that is) and
they wanted to make a major motion picture deal with me!

Of course I said yes!!!
After interviewing a few directors...and turning them all down, I decided to direct myself.
After all, no one knows the Real Luke like the Real Luke knows him!

the first thing that was up was to go location scouting.
(I won the hat and sweatshirt by taking 2nd place
in a guitar solo competition, but that's another story!!!)
desert road
it didn't take me long to find the spots I like - I'm desisive!
another shot in the making
soon it was time for the shoot. this is as "Hollywood" as I get. Haha!!!
3rd look
the producers told me this was a "gorilla shoot" but
I didn't see the KING of the jungle anywhere!
he probably knew better than to mess with The REAL Luke
Luke, Kevin, and John
this fellow John was odd, but he took good "footage"
have to remember to bring him along on my
next big game hunt to record my trophies!!!
final shot
heres me directing! I'm pretty good at it!
they kept saying I had great "chops"
and they hadn't even scene me with my hatchet yet!!!
LA people are funny!
that's right

the next day we'd film in the dessert!
Click here to find out!!!

divbar.GIF - 387 Bytes